Payment Systems

The BtF season pass is a card that gives the customer a comfortable and simple way, to make the payment for trips in Fuerteventura with TIADHE, it takes into consideration any discounts on official rates by the Islands council of public transportation and is adapted according the user.

In order to obtain a special nominated BtF card, please visit the website of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura in the section, “Bono Transporte”, a registration form in PDF format is available to download.

Fill out and submit the application, along with a passport size photo and the required documentation, in the Cabildo of Fuerteventura or one of the offices of citizen assistance in Morro Jable, Gran Tarajal and Corralejo.


Residents in Fuerteventura

Non-Residents in Fuerteventura

A discount of 10% is applied on the price of the ticket, it is an un-customized card.
Purchase and recharge is available on the buses. The cost for the card is 5 euros (€).

Direct Payment

This is when the customer pays in cash directly to the bus driver for the service required and will receive proof of payment that they must retain for the entirety of the journey.

There are two types of payment rates, one called “Minimum tariff” which is valid for short journeys, and one in which, after exceeding the threshold of the minimum tariff rate, the cost of the journey to be made, will be based on the kilometres of the journey.

Remember that the ticket to be used for payment cannot exceed five times the amount of the fee to be paid and that for security reasons our staff will not admit bills of more than € 50.

The application fees are approved annually by the Cabildo Insular de Fuerteventura.