Our Values


The vehicles have individual safety belts, as well as emergency exits properly and clearly signposted throughout the fleet. Additionally, we have incorporated within the fleet GPS location systems to enable us to control and immediately locate all the vehicles in service. This allows us to not only maximise their best use and enhance our capacity of response to any incidence, but also to control parameters such as their speed of movement, mechanical reliability, etc. In addition, these systems incorporate a hands-free device with microphone and speakers, which is reflected in greater safety and reliability for the customer. In this way we can control that all our personnel comply with the safety regulations to which it is bound by both traffic law and by the standards of our Business Group.

Environmental Enhancements

By reducing the number of “empty” bus routes and these kilometres, we are getting maximum optimization on all routes, hence saving energy and reducing the amount of pollution and carbon footprint. In addition, with our policy of continuous renewal of our mobile material, we aim to incorporate buses that have technological developments that result in a greater energy efficiency and therefore emitting less pollution and are friendly to our Environment.

Modernization of the Fleet

The modernization of the fleet is one of our priorities and objectives to be taken into account in every decision-making and in every new vehicle acquisition, in which it is intended to incorporate the latest technology in the market to remain at the the forefront of the sector. We have our own facilities and mechanical workshop located in Puerto del Rosario, near Fuerteventura Airport.

Quality of service

The GPS and control systems that we have incorporated allow us to be informed in real time, information such as the exact location of all our buses. This allows us to reduce any waiting times for our clients, and also gives us a greater capacity in terms of response to any incidences that could occur in the execution of the different services. We can also control the number of “empty” routes, all of which results in more efficiency in the services we offer our customers.

Selection and Training of Personnel

It constitutes one of the fundamental objectives of the Group of Companies, we are conscious that our employees are the main and most decisive resource that belong to our company. Building a cohesive group of dedicated fully trained people that all work with a high-level of commitment and customer focus as one of their and our main objectives. We understand that this is the only way to guarantee the success and manage an efficient service of high-quality for our clients.